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Rhys Felsher | CEO and Founder

Rhys is Drop Rock's CEO and Founder - he founded the company while in college during the covid pandemic. He holds two degrees in marketing and advertising and a background in graphic design and film.

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Rhys started his marketing career straight out of high school; he started working at a small marketing firm in Arlington, Virginia, called Borderline Media Company. While working there, he honed his creative passion and found his true calling in marketing - he did everything from film production to editing and graphic design for the company. All this while studying at Northern Community College for graphic design. He ended up leaving Borderline Media Company in early 2018 to move to Portland, Oregon, to finish his studies at Portland State University in Downtown Portland.

While in Portland, he got a job as an usher at Portland State's newly renovated 3,000-seat arena. He quickly proved himself there and worked his way up to a production manager role, where he managed the set design, set building, logistics, and teams of people. He worked with brands such as Nike and Adidas to create fantastic events that attracted thousands of participants. When the Covid Pandemic happened and the world shut down, he had to pivot, so he started Drop Rock, LLC.

While in college, he worked part-time at Drop Rock, helping small local businesses with marketing projects, social media management, web design, and much more. He has created content for top influencers and various media companies and consulted on various marketing teams.


Feel free to call, text or email. Looking forward to speaking with you!


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