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Salt & Straw brings back Choco Taco!

Choco Taco: Invented in Portland, discontinued by Klondike - On top of news

If you have been reading the headlines recently, you probably have heard that Klondike has discontinued Choco Taco. Well, one man's trash is another man's treasure; Klondike has been making these tasty treats for 40 years and has been a staple for many generations, including my own.

Salt & Straw saw a unique opportunity; their marketing team was watching and listening. They acted quickly and built their own Choco Taco! This benefits them as a business not just from a marketing perspective but from a product perspective because they are not only keeping generations of memories alive for millions of people but also testing out a new product and getting in the conversation. This is great for their brand awareness, and they will definitely start taking market share away from Klondike. Interestingly, they chose to release it in October, after summer is over, even though the day they are releasing the chocolate tacolate is on national taco day - this is still surprising. It does make sense, though, seeing that this seems to be just a marketing stunt, a good one at that, but a stunt nonetheless!

I suspect why they are releasing chocolate tacolate for a limited time is because they want to make sure that it is worth keeping on their shelves and understand how the market will react to this product, although all over social media, everyone is happy, will that correlate to profit is the question they are asking themselves. According to a report on Minter, after the announcement, they gained 1.08% of Instagram followers, which is pretty good! I am curious to see what they will do moving forward advertising-wise for their new product and how successful this will be for them. According to Klondike, the Choco Taco has been the least popular product over the last few years. Will this happen for the Chocolate Tacolate?

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